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   New York Yankees



Basketball - Los Angeles Lakers

Soccer - F.C. Barcelona

Baseball - New York Yankees

Football - Dallas Cowboys


Contact - Josiah Bentle

  The undisputed, absolute best of the best

...of America's pastime


Anyone who knows anything about baseball has definitely heard of the storied New York Yankees, by far the most successful and most followed program of America's great pastime. New York is also one of Major League Baseball's oldest franchises, filling Yankee Stadium year after year with memory after memory.


Since 1903, no team in professional American sports can rival the mighty Yankees of New York City. The stadium entrance wall proudly displays the seemingly unreachable records: 26 World Series Championships, and 39 American League Pennants.

America's most storied sports franchise has a past the rest of Major League Baseball envies, and a present it fears. As rich as is their history, in individual and team glory, the Yankees embarked on yet another century, winning and "Bronx Bombing" home runs at a greater getaway rate than ever before. They began celebration of their 100-year anniversary with the title in 2000. Continuing their solid consistency, the Yankees reached the World Series in 2001 and 2003 as well.

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