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   Los Angeles Lakers



Basketball - Los Angeles Lakers

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Contact - Josiah Bentle

  From George Mikan to Kobe Bryant

...Always setting the bar


One of the most followed sports in the world, and especially in America, is the game of basketball. No other league in the world compares to the National Basketball Association and all the best players around the globe dream of one day entering the NBA gates.

In 1947 the Lakers franchise originated in Minneapolis with the unstoppable big-man of its era, 6-foot-10-inch George Mikan, and easily walked away with the inaugural NBL title. In 1949, the Lakers won the first-ever NBA Finals and later moved to Los Angeles in 1960. Over 45 years later, the L.A. Lakers have the most-wins, most playoff victories, and highest-winning percentage in the history of the league.


From Elgin Baylor to Jerry West, Wilt the Stilt to Kareem the Dream, and "Showtime" Magic Johnson to Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant's dynasty at the crack of a new century, one thing has been consistent about the Lakers: winning. The franchise has boasted a host of Hall of Famers and has compiled a string of 14 championships which has scarcely been rivaled in the history of American sports

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